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Veritas Christian Study Abroad Programs 

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With a mission “to create college-level study abroad programs that combine the distinct pursuits of Christian college educators with the best practices in the field of international education,” the Veritas study programs seek to engage students “academically and actively,” providing opportunities as well for students to connect with churches and ministry organizations in the countries where they are studying. Course work offered is more general education and is therefore open to sophomores as well as upper division students.


Valparaiso, Chile – Center for International Missions
Deadline: Summer – March 25, 2012     
Deadline: Fall – April 1, 2012

London, England – Center for Interdisciplinary Studies       
Deadline: Summer – March 25, 2012
Deadline: Fall – May 1, 2012

Rome, Italy – Center for Historical Studies         
Deadline: Summer – March 25, 2012
Deadline: Fall  – June 1, 2012

Sevilla, Spain – Center for Religious Studies        
Deadline: 2011 – March 25, 2012
Deadline: Fall 2011 – June 1, 2012

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