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A Holistic Approach to World Development Missions 

SDCC Team to Thailand, click to enlargeClean water, sanitation, micro enterprise education and the Gospel are core components to World Development Missions.  As clean water and sanitation comes to a village the infant mortality rate may drop up to 50%.  With the introduction of cash crops comes income generation.  In fact villagers can generate more income growing Fair Trade coffee than growing opium. 

Student Teams from SDCC have partnered with ITDP in Thailand to achieve these goals in an effort to make a difference in the world for Christ.  Since May of 2007, SDCC has sent Teams to northern Thailand, constructed a water system for a village, and several buildings including a school for a remote region.  Currently this school has an enrollment of 145 children.

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The micro enterprise of Fair Trade Arabica coffeeThai women picking coffee in Northern Thailand 

ITDP facilitates the production, processing and marketing of Arabica coffee. These efforts are aimed at promoting and developing small tribal coffee growers production. This program is stimulus to the economic growth of the hill tribe groups.  In 2007 one hundred and twenty tons of coffee beans were sold to the  domestic and international market.  In 2008 ITDP’s goal is to move between one hundred and fifty to two hundred tons of coffee beans to these markets for the local hill-tribes farmers.

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