Website of the Week: Barna Reveals Top Trends for 2011

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At the beginning of each year we tend to look backwards to gain perspective on the past year's events and trends.  Barna Research Group has just posted their top six trends from 2011

  • Changing Role of Christianity
  • Downsized American Dreams
  • Millennials Rethink Christianity 
  • The Digital Family
  • Maximizing Spiritual Change 
  • Women Making it Alone
These would all make interesting topics for research papers!

College Library's Recommended Websites are back!

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Last summer when the new website was implemented, the library had to archive all the websites it had collected for each major/discipline.  We simply didn't have the time to transfer the links (manually) to the new site.

Now that things are winding down, we started experimenting with the social bookmarking site, Delicious.  Now our list of recommended websites sport annotations, descriptive tags & the whole collection is searchable!  We've added nearly 300 websites so far; by fall we should be done.

Visit sdcclibrary's Bookmarks @

Online Encyclopedia to challenge Wikipedia

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Here is the best of both worlds.  provides online content that is free & not password protected AND content that is from reputable sources.  It includes: "verified facts, information, and biographies from trusted sources. gives you credible answers from published reference works – all in one place: 49 encyclopedias from sources like Oxford University Press and Columbia University Press & 73 dictionaries and thesauruses with definitions, synonyms, pronunciation keys, word origins, and abbreviations."  -- from website.

The only downside to the source is the annoying ads.  But that's the flipside when you don't have to pay for it.

My favorite part of the site is the "Compare side-by-side" feature.  Check out this article on the Iran Hostage Crisis (click on the "Compare side-by-side" tab).  You can see three rather current reference articles all on one page.


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