Embed a YouTube video into your Presentation

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You have found the perfect video clip on YouTube for your presentation, but putting the URL on the slide looks low-tech.  Can you embed the video right into the actual PowerPoint slide?

For PowerPoint 2003 (and earlier)  -- Note: the classroom computers are still using 2003 (not 2007)!  Instructions for PowerPoint 2007 are located on the website listed at the end of this posting.

You need to download a PowerPoint Add-in --  Download the YouTube Video Add-in for PowerPoint

a.   Extract the Add-in from the Zipped File 

  • Double click on the newly saved zipped file.
  • Right click on the file named YouTubeVideo.ppa.
  • Click on Copy 
  • Navigate to the location on your computer where you wish to save the add-in file.
  • Paste the YouTubeVideo.ppa file to this new location.

b. Install the Add-in into PowerPoint

  • Click on Tools | Add-Ins..
  • In the Add-ins dialog box, click on the Add New... button.
  • Locate the YouTube Videos add-in file named YouTubeVideo.ppa that you saved earlier.
  • Click OK.   The YouTube Video add-in shows in up in the list of add-ins installed in your PowerPoint program.

c.  Now you can add YouTube videos to your PowerPoint presentations.

  • Click on Insert | YouTube Video  (the add-in is located at the bottom of the Insert menu)
  • A YouTube Video Wizard will take you through the steps
  • Paste the URL into the dialog box
  • Set the video size and position on the slide
  • A big box with X is inserted into the slide (it might not show as a YouTube video until you change to slide show view)

d.  The Add-In is temporary (one use only).  Once you close PowerPoint, the add-in disappears.

These instructions were taken from Presentation Software in About.com YouTube Videos and PowerPoint

Finals Week -- Extended Library Hours

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Back by popular demand, the library is extending its evening hours for Finals Week.

Monday, December 8 - Thursday, December 11 7:30 am to MIDNIGHT
Friday, December 12 from 7:30 am to 9:00 pm
Saturday December 13 from 11:00 am to 4:00 pm
Monday, December 15 from 7:30 am to MIDNIGHT
Tuesday, December 16 from 7:30 am to 10:30 pm (regular closing time)
Wednesday, December 17 from 7:30 am to 5:00 pm (Christmas/New Years Holiday Hours Begin)

All books are due on December 15th

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That's right.  No matter when you checked out a library item, they are all due back to the library by Monday, December 15th.  We want to make sure we have them back before you go on break.  That way, when you come back in January you won't start the new year with a library fine (11 days overdue x 20 cents/day = $2.20 per item).

Don't forget, you can put them in the book return (outside the library entrance) if we aren't open.

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