In the last Google Scholar post, we discussed finding the full text of a periodical citation by setting the Preferences to highlight SDCC/SCS periodical holdings.  Essentially, you are using Google Scholar as a periodical index.

Today, I'm going to show you how to locate the libraries that own the books in a Google Scholar result list.  Here, we are using Google Scholar like a library catalog.

Go to Google Scholar <> and type in Christian Worldview.  In the results list, a book is identified before the title by the prefix [BOOK]

[BOOK] Philosophical Foundations for a Christian Worldview
JP Moreland, WL Craig - 2003 -
Cited by 19 - Related articles - Web Search - Library Search 

At the bottom of the citation look for the Library Search link.  This searches for the book in WorldCat.  WorldCat lists the libraries that own the item, including San Diego Christian College.  You can enter your location information, like city, state or zipcode and WorldCat will tell you how far (in miles) you are from the nearest library.

Part 3 will discuss Google Scholar's Advance Search.

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