SDCC Leadership
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President's Cabinet

The day-to-day operations of the College are guided by the Cabinet, made up of the College President and Vice Presidents:

  • Dr. Paul Ague  - President
  • Dr. Jon DePriest - Vice President for Academics
  • David Maddox - Vice President for Student Services
  • Robert Jensen - Vice President for Advancement and Administration

With representatives from the Staff Council and Faculty Forum.

Board of Trustees

The San Diego Christian College Board is composed of at least thirteen and a maximum of twenty-five members. Members are men and women committed to the mission and doctrinal position of the institution. They provide leadership, oversight, and support to the College to insure fulfillment of its academic mission and purpose.

Chairman of the Board

Dr. Robert Zinn

Vice Chairman

Dr. Robert Gallina


Linda Murphy


Dr. Paul Ague, ex officio
Debbie Beyer
Dr. Jon Campbell
Matthew Krause
Dr. Beverly LaHaye
Michael May
Charles Morse
Jim Parker
Enrique Sanchez
General Mark Shackelford
Nat Weeks

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