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The Function of the SDCC Institutional Review Board
The San Diego Christian College Institutional Review Board exists to ensure sound ethical student and faculty research. In all research, the protection of human subjects/participants must be a paramount concern of the researcher. SDCC assumes responsibility for the protection of the rights and welfare of human subjects in accordance with federal regulations issued by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. The Institutional Review Board (IRB), a standing committee of SDCC faculty and administrators, reviews research involving human subjects to ensure that all projects conform to the federal and institutional regulations and policies. This information is designed to provide access to information for faculty and students of SDCC who plan to conduct research involving human subjects.
What is Informed Consent?
Informed consent is a process that involves providing an understanding of the study procedures so an potential subject/participant can make an informed decision about participation in the study free from any coercion. The process of informed consent is not simply a signature on a form, but is part of every stage of the study that ensures the safety and well being of each participant.
Consent Documents
You are responsible for developing your own consent forms that are tailored for the purposes of your study. The SDCC IRB will provide a sample form that should guide the construction of your forms. Consent forms should be written in the second person as the use of “I” throughout the document can be unduly coercive.



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