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Self Evaluation Form

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Leadership: The ability to influence and inspire others to coordinate and lead activities; to facilitate group interaction.

Please check the appropriate response according to the legend as it relates to you.

  1. I do not possess this ability
  2. I need Improvement
  3. I possess this ability
  4. I Possess this ability above and beyond
  5. Excellently displayed in me 

Christian Commitment: Expresses and lives out a commitment to Jesus Christ. 

Organization:  Ability to organize and handle a variety of tasks and manage time well.

Moral Integrity: Ability to tell the truth; to adhere to community guidelines.

Initiative: Approach to new situations, self motivation and ability to set and accomplish goals. 

Responsibility: Degree to which applicant is dependable, prompt, and accurate. 

Problem Solving: Ability to creatively find and implement solutions to a variety of problems.

Team Work: Ability to function in a team relationship.

 Communication: Ability to present thought with clarity, listens, and conveys understanding.

Maturity: Common sense, self awareness, integrity ability to deal with a wide range of personalities

 Emotional Stability: Applicant’s emotional and interpersonal behavior in stressful situations.

 Social Sensitivity: Sensitivity to and understanding of others apart from self.



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