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Student Leadership Reference

To the evaluator for reference:

You have been given this link by a student who has applied for a leadership position at San Diego Christian College and has given your name as reference. Serious consideration is given to this recommendation, so please complete this form carefully and candidly. 

Name of student who is applying for leadership position: 

Leadership: The ability to influence and inspire others to coordinate and lead activities; to facilitate group interaction.

Please check the appropriate response according to the legend as it relates to the student

  1. Does not possess this ability 
  2. Needs improvement 
  3. Possesses this ability 
  4. Possesses this ability above and beyond 
  5. Excellently displayed in student 

Christian Commitment: Expresses and lives out a commitment to Jesus Christ.


Organization: Ability to organize and handle a variety of tasks and manage time well.


Moral Integrity: Ability to tell the truth; to adhere to community guidelines.


Initiative: Approach to new situations, self motivation and ability to set and accomplish goals.


Responsibility: Degree to which applicant is dependable, prompt, and accurate.


Problem Solving: Ability to creatively find and implement solutions to a variety of problems.


Team Work: Ability to function in a team relationship.


Communication: Ability to present thought with clarity, listens, and conveys understanding.


Maturity: Common sense, self awareness, integrity ability to deal with a wide range of personalities.


Emotional Stability: Applicant’s emotional and interpersonal behavior in stressful situations.


Social Sensitivity:Sensitivity to and understanding of others apart from self.


What do you consider to be the applicant's most outstanding characteristic?

What characteristics of the applicant, if any, might limit his/her effectiveness as a leader?

Is this applicant generally well-liked by those who have been acquainted with him/her?

In what capacity do you know the applicant and how long have you known each other?

Please choose your overall recommendation for the applicant:


  By checking this field Evaluator acknowledges use of his/her electronic signature and verifies that all information is true and correct.

 Your Name:






Please submit by Saturday, February 2, 2013. 


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