Incident Report
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SDCC Incident Report

Time/Date of Report
Type of Incident (theft, prank, vandalism etc.)


Time/Date of Incident

Location of Incident

Name of Person Involved

Phone Number/ Box Number

Campus Address  (Building/room)

1-Other Individual(s) Involved

1-Phone Number/ Box Number

1-Campus Address(s)  (Building/room)

2-Other Individual(s) Involved

2-Phone Number/ Box Number

2-Campus Address(s)  (Building/room)

Police Notification
(Include: Name of officer, agency, vehicle #, case #)


Please include as much of the following information as needed:

1. Reconstruct Incident
2. Property Damaged - description, amount of loss
3. Physical Evidence - what/where found, disposition
4. Suspect Vehicle - description, disposition
5. Victim's injuries, treatment, disposition
6. Statements - officer's, victim's, suspect's


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