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Student Ministry

The Student Ministry program is designed to train and prepare students to impact the world for Jesus Christ. The Bible emphasize prac-tical obedience to God in utilizing the talents and gifts that God has given us (I Peter 4:10-11). An opportunity to utilize these talents and gifts is the motivation behind the program. Students are provided opportunities for active ministry experience that offers a deeper dimension of learning that is vital to the entire educational program through practical application. Whether a student chooses church ministries, community agencies or any of the SDCC-sponsored outreaches, resources are available to help everyone get involved.
The following student ministry principles have been established: 

  • We believe that ministry contributes to the total development of the student;
  • We believe students enrolled at SDCC have different gifts; therefore, their ministry will reflect their individual abilities;
  • We believe the local church is God’s primary equipping institution. The student’s ministry should be centered in and extend from the local church (Ephesians 4:11-16).

All students are expected to have a ministry each semester they are enrolled except for first semester freshmen and for seniors in their final semester. NOTE: Transfer students are expected to have a student ministry immediately; they are not given a one-semester exemption when they arrive. Student ministry assignments require a minimum of two hours a week. A Student Ministry Registration Form must be filed with the Student Development Department at the beginning of each semester. An online Supervisor’s Student Ministry Assessment and a Student Minis-try Reflection must be submitted via email at the end of each semester. Credit is also given toward student ministry requirements for any student involved in a short-term mission project. Students who serve in a full-time capacity at a Christian camp during the summer can use up to two sum-mers as make up credit toward their requirement. In such cases, Student Development will approve full credit once written verification of camp service is obtained. To fulfill graduation requirements, each student must successfully complete Student Ministry requirements. Student Ministry assignments will appear as an official part of each student’s transcript. The assignments are graded on a pass or fail basis and reflect spiritual atti-tudes and faithful performance.

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