Ministry Team Event Questionnaire
> Ministry Team Event Questionnaire

SDCC Ministry Team Event Questionnaire

Thank you for allowing us to serve you. Below are a few items that will help us to plan for our ministry time more effectively.

Your Contact Information 

Church or Organization: 

Name of Primary Contact:
Name of Secondary Contact:
Primary Contract E-Mail Address:
Secondary Contact E-Mail Address:
Primary Contact Phone Number:
Secondary Contact Phone Number:

Event Information 

Name of Event:
Event Date:
Event Time:
Event Location/Address:
Unloading Area:

Set-up Time (please allow at least 30 min. to unload and set up): 

Sound Check Time (please allow at least 1 hour for sound check): 

May we use your drums, keyboard or bass amp? (If needed/available): 

If yes, which of these are available:  

Type of Group (age range, etc.):
Size of Group:
Length of Musical Set:
Dress Code (jeans, formal, etc.):

Schedule of events (intro, games, music, message, etc.): 

Theme Verse/Sermon Topic:   

Is a Sound System Available?   Sound Tech Name:
May I contact the sound tech?   Sound Tech Contact Info:

Are you able to provide a meal(s) for our team? 

If yes, in what capacity?   

May we set up an SDCC informational table?  

Regarding delivery of lyrics: We will deliver the set list in Word format - this will include lyrics and road maps (the order of the song)

Additional Notes 

Brief description of event:   

Songs that your group likes and/or is very familiar with:   

Miscellaneous notes that may help us plan our set (songs the group really likes or dislikes):   

Thank you again for allowing us to serve you through musical worship. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.

Andrew Thompson
Ministry Team Manager
San Diego Christian College


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