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Using the Email Template

The Email.aspx template is the only authorized method of sending emails to addresses within the domain. Publishing email addresses in plain text hyperlinks is a gold-mine for spammers. To reduce the amount of spam on our network, this form will keep our email addresses hidden.

This text including the header above are contained within the page ID (ex: id=6428) passed in the query string in the current URL. Passing a particular page ID to the Email template can be used as a means to create your own departmental "Contact" form. The form can also be used to simply send an email. Leave off the query string parameter "ID" to just use the form.

The email form below is automatically added by virtue of using the Email.aspx template.  You can specify the template that a page uses in the Quick Links or when editing a content item in the "Templates" tab.  See image below:

Passing an Email Address

The form will send an email to any valid SDCC mailbox prefix (the part before the "@") that is passed in the query string (ex: e=webmaster). The text in red below displays where the email will be sent.

Your email will be sent to: aps at SDCC.

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