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The Student Ministry program is designed to train and prepare students to impact the world for Jesus Christ. Student Ministry aids in providing a complete Christian education at San Diego Christian College and is the practical application of what students are learning in the classroom and chapel.

30 hours of approved volunteer activity per semester (about 2 to 3 hours per week).

Who is involved in Student Ministry?
Every student at San Diego Christian College is required to participate in some area of Christian ministry for each semester of full-time enrollment. First-time freshmen will not be required to participate during their first semester at SDCC, and graduating seniors will be excused during their final semester.

How do I receive credit for Student Ministry?
Submit a Student Ministry Registration form to Student Development.
Note: Your Student Ministry activity must be approved in order to receive credit.
Submit a Supervisor Student Ministry Evaluation form. This must be sent from your supervisor.

How do I find a Student Ministry opportunity?
An important part of fulfilling your Student Ministry requirements is finding an acceptable place to volunteer.

There are several on campus opportunities to fulfill your Student Ministry requirements. SALT ministry, mission trips, and NSO are just a few of the ways to get involved in the SDCC community and receive credit for Student Ministry. 

  Local churches, non-profit organizations, after school programs, rest homes, etc can be good places to volunteer. Look for opportunities to serve by being involved with projects, evangelism, mission trips, etc.

  Student Ministries are not required to be part of a Christian Organization, but it is important that volunteer hours are beneficial to the community.

Please email any questions to studentministry @ or stop by the Student Life office for more information.

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