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Location and Hours

The Counseling Services Center is located in the Student Services Center and is across the outdoor landing near the main lounge. 

Services and Policies

Care includes assessments, emergency services, crisis intervention, individual and/or group therapy, as well as referral services depending on the client’s needs and diagnosis. The number of visits is determined individually for each client depending on his or her condition.


All records are kept in accordance with professional, legal, and ethical guidelines.  Other than authorized SDCC staff, no one will have access to records unless the student releases them in writing.  Counseling records will not become part of the student's academic file, and even the fact that the student has come to Counseling Services will not be divulged to anyone without the client’s permission.

Therapists may consult with colleagues to improve skills and provide students with the highest quality services possible. 

Exceptions to confidentiality include the following:  (A) Student is assessed to be a danger to themselves or others; (B)  Student discloses cases of child or elder abuse; (C) Student's records are required by law.  Even in these cases, the student will be informed whenever possible.

Effective counseling requires an atmosphere of trust.  Please contact Counseling Services with any further questions regarding confidentiality.

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