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Apply for Student Senate

Thank you for your interest in wanting to apply for a position with the Student Senate. Please complete the following by March 30th, 2012.

  1.  Leadership Application  
    1. Please copy and paste the result of your personality results in the text box when asked.
    2. On the MBTI all you will paste is the type (ENFJ) and the percentage numbers (45 66 99 1)
    3. On the Big 5 test there will be quite a bit of information. Copy and paste the entire contents of the results in the text box.
  2. Read the  Student Senate Constitution 
  3.  Student Senate Application  
    1. Do not forget to attach your questions
    2. Complete and turn in the student signatures  form
  4.  Leadership Reference Form  
    1. Copy this link and email it to three of your references: One faculty/Staff, one Mentor/Pastor and one RA/Senate Executive.
  5.  Self Evaluation form  
    1. You complete and submit this.


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