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The Student Senate Cabinet                                                               P_Senate Staff 

The Senate is comprised of 40 to 50 individuals, divided into seven cabinets.  The seven cabinets include: Executive, Services, Activities, Communication, Class Presidents, and Spiritual Life. 


President, Vice-President


The Activities Cabinet helps plan events such as: New Student Orientation (NSO) , College for a Weekend, Heritage Days, Homecoming, Winter Banquet, Music Video Awards


The Services Cabinet are in charge of the facilities, and clubs on campus. They help maintain all lounges, as well as any other service project on campus.


The Communication Cabinets goal is to provide the senate and the entire SDCC family with information on upcoming events and happenings on campus. They are in charge of the marketing,  the Toilet Paper, Newsletters, and other types of student campus information.


Each class has a representative that exist to serve and represent their class, and will plan events and fundraisers for their respective class. This is a great way to get involved and be plugged in on campus.

  • Senior Class President - Is in charge of the senior gift and the junior/senior retreat
  • Junior Class President - Traditionally helps the seniors for the retreat, and is in charge of serving during the senior banquet. Each year the junior class serves the graduating class of SDCC.
  • Sophomore/Freshman Class Presidents

Spiritual Life 

Ministry Council-Spiritual life on campus, helps out with the creation of small groups, and Plan Be 
Men’s/Women Ministry Coordinator 
SALT outreach coordinator

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