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Academic Support

Academic Advising

Although the Registrar is the chief academic advisor for all students, you are assigned a faculty advisor in the department of your major. Your advisor will guide you in the selection and sequencing of required and elective courses and relate those courses to career selection and preparation. While your advisor assists in course selection, the student is the one ultimately responsible to ensure that all graduation requirements are met on schedule.

Help with Study Skills

If you have difficulty with study skills, time management, motivation, or other matters relating to success in college, you can receive individual advisement and/or take a class offered twice yearly-entitled “College Success Skills” (PD 100).  Every effort is made to help you succeed at San Diego Christian College. See more on  Developmental Courses .


If you wish to improve your academic performance, you may wish to participate in the peer tutor program on campus. Tutors are available during the evening Study Lab and in the campus Writing Lab. Peer tutors are selected and approved by faculty and combine their resources to offer additional assistance in achieving an enhanced academic outcome.

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