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Engage • Explore • Commit
Developing authentic identity in a Christ centered community

Student life is about facilitating whole person growth in this academic community so that students can make a difference in the world for Christ. 

To use surfing terminology – surfers love it when a swell comes in. Think of  a swell and how it is caused and connect that with your growth as a follower of Christ.  We believe that being transformed by the renewing of your mind is the start to what causes the swell,  and growth from that relationship is what causes all other ripples or waves. Your developing relationship with Christ will affect your character.  As you connect with students on this campus and/or in your residence halls you will in turn influence your community and those you interact. Many people believe that culture influences and decides who you are as a Christian or determines what takes place in a community, but not at San Diego Christian College. We believe Christ working through us will enable us to both influence and impact culture.  It is our goal to provide guidance and direction in this development process. It is a process that involves crisis and commitment or crisis and exploring, or a bit of both. Be engaged, explore and commit.  

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