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Robyann - Office Manager 

Hi! My name is Robyann Oakes.

I'm the Student Life Office Manager and I love being around students and helping you out with as much as possible.

My husband, David and I have been married for almost two years. We love to spend time with loved ones, cook, laugh and exercise. I grew up in San Diego and love being outdoors, trying new things and taking on physical challenges.

If we are going to Starbucks...Iced coffee. I don't drink hot stuff.

If you see me when I'm off work...I'm usually spending time with my loved ones, working out or teaching Kung Fu.

The closest thing I have to a hero...I am fortunate to have the most amazing people in my life and I can't narrow it down to just one. I tried giving a brief synopsis of some of the people that constantly amaze me, but it was starting to become much more than you're here to read. So if you ever want to hear about my heroes, feel free to stop by my office.


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