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 Welcome to the SDCC Technology Services web page. We are glad you are here.  

The SDCC technology team is pleased to provide computing and web support services to the college’s students, faculty, staff and guests. Technology Services supports campus technologies including, but not limited to:
•Wired and wireless network and internet connection
•Faculty, staff, and student file storage, printing, and e-mail
•College data and information resources (registration, account information, business systems)
•Web services including
• Learning management systems (LMS)
•Lab and library computers

Network Resources
Wireless internet access is provided in many locations on campus including the dining hall, residence halls, classrooms, Solid Rock Café, the Perch and the library. Students and guests should connect to the Open access point while on campus. Faculty and staff should connect to SDCC Staff.

All residential students are provided with a wired network connection in their residence hall (one connection per person living in each room). Students must provide their own Ethernet cable to connect to the data port in their room.

Student, staff and faculty will receive a network account that provides access to e-mail and various campus resources. Username and temporary password details will be provided by the appropriate campus office.

Computers are provided for use in the library and the third floor Computer Lab of the Administration Building during posted hours.

Computer Registration
Each computer or network device that is brought onto campus must be registered before use. Individuals are able to self-register their devices. When first connected, any network traffic will be redirected to a registration page. The registration process will check to make sure that each device has one of a number of supported anti-virus packages installed. Supported packages are:

•AVG (free)
•McAfee Home and Enterprise
•Microsoft Security Essentials (free, recommended)
•Norton (recommended)
•Softwin BitDefender
•Symantec (recommended)
•Trend Micro (recommended)
•Webroot AV

Anti-virus software is currently not required for Mac OS X users. Please do not install more than one anti-virus and one anti-spyware package on any one computer as multiple AV software packages can cause conflicts.

Other types of devices such as game systems and systems without web browsers are allowed on the wireless network only if they can self-connect to the Open network.

Personal Hardware and Software
The SDCC Technology Services department does not currently provide support for any personal electronic devices and/or software. For the best possible computing experience, therefore, it is recommended that individuals bring only newer equipment optimized for use in a network environment.

Suggested Hardware Specifications:
•2.0 Ghtz Intel or AMD processor or higher
•2 gigabytes of RAM (memory)
•160 gigabyte hard drive
•802.11n wireless network card
•1 gigabit wired network card

Suggested Operating Systems:

•Windows 7 (recommended)
•Windows Vista

•OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard (recommended)
•OS X 10.5 Leopard

Other Recommended Software:
•Microsoft Office 2007 or Office 2003 (with .docx compatibility pack which is available online)
•Microsoft Office 2008 for Mac
•Spybot , Ad-aware, or Malware Bytes for anti-spyware protection

Suggested Storage and Data Backup:
As computers and hard drives are prone to failure at the worst possible times, please consider backing up all important files (documents, photos, music, videos, etc.) on your computer. Backup methods include external storage devices such as flash drives and external hard drives.

If you experience difficulties with network connections, internet access, email, printing or any of the college’s web resources including Empower Web or Edvance 360, please feel free to contact the SDCC Helpdesk at (858) 429-3000 option 2 or email.

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