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Checking Out

Resident Students,

We are getting close to the end of the year when it is time to be preparing your schedule for when you will be moving off campus to enjoy your summer. Please be aware of some very important dates that you are responsible for remembering. The end of the year check out can be stressful so plan ahead and follow the instructions on how to avoid the cost of end of year fines.

Important dates to remember for closing the residence halls:

April 22 -9:00 pm Mandatory Residence Life All Hall meeting in the LCC.  

May 1 - 5:00 pm
Check-out appointments due – sign up in Residence Life Office. ($10.00 fine for late sign up)
May 10 - 8:00 pm Last scheduled appointment time for all non-graduating students to check out of the residence halls.
May 11 - 5:00 pm
Last scheduled appointment for graduating seniors to check out of the residence halls.

This information is very important so please be diligent to Sign up for a time to check out of your residence hall and read all the instructions.

  1. Complete your Departure Fowarding Address form.
  2. Attend the End of the Year Housing Meeting on April 22th at 9:00 pm in the LCC.
  3. Sign up: The first thing you need to do is sign up for a time to check out of your room in the Residence Life Office.  An appointment sheet will be placed in the Residence Life office allocating 20 minute slots for you to check out.  This appointment sheet will be pulled on Wednesday May, 1 by 5:00 pm.  If you do not schedule a time to check out of your room by the time the appointment sheet is taken down, you will be assessed a $10 fine.
  4. Clean your room. This will without a doubt take you the most time. Just remember, you are cleaning up your own mess. But follow this checklist, and you’ll be fine.
    1. Remove all of your stuff.
    2. Clean the walls and ceiling. Remove all sticky tack or tape. Use a broom and clean the moldings and corners of the room.
    3. Clean under the mattress.
    4. Clean out the drawers. Don’t leave trash or scraps of paper in the drawers of your desk or dresser. Wipe the inside of drawers out.
    5. Wash your windows and mirror. Clean the inside of your window if you live upstairs. We don’t need people falling off the second story.
    6. Wipe off the shelves and closets.
    7. Clean the blinds.
    8. Vacuum your floor. Move all of your furniture and vacuum underneath everything.
    9. Put the furniture back in place.
  5. Close your windows. Once your room is clean, make sure your windows are closed. Replace your window screens. Missing screens will be charged to your account.
  6. Take all trash out to the dumpster. All trash must be taken out to the dumpsters. There will be a large dumpster provided for you on the side of the residence halls. Dumping trash in the hallway or bathroom trash cans is not an option. Leaving trash in your room or in the bathroom or any other place that is not in your car or the dumpster will result in a $25 fine per bag or item.
  7. Come to the Residence Life office for your check out appointment.  An RA will check you out of your room and confirm that you took care of your obligation to clean your room.  You'll be charged $15 cash if you are more than 10 minutes late for your appointment.  If you do not check out with an RA and turn in keys, you will be fined $150 plus a $50 cleaning fee if needed.
  8. Turn in your keys. Give your room key to the RA. If you are a graduating senior, or do not plan on returning, give and turn in your mailbox key to the RA as well. Missing mail keys will result in a $10 fine. Missing room keys are $25.
  9. Turn in your SDCC student ID card. If you are not returning, please turn in your card to the RA at the time of your checkout. There will be a $25 fine for missing ID cards.
  10. Notify Student Life of a forwarding address over the summer. If you are not returning, we will forward your mail until June 1. Please change your address with your creditors, family, and magazine subscriptions within that time period.
  11. Don’t stay too long! If you have checked out of your housing assignment, then please do not be roaming the residence halls. We love you. All of us. But don’t overstay your welcome. We need you to be out by your appointment time.  Once you have checked out there is no reason for you to remain on campus.
  12. Clean your room according to the expectations outlined at the housing meeting on April 22nd, 9:00 pm in the LCC.
  13. Check out with RA – Assessing no damage, and you follow the things on this list -there will be no fines.
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