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Closing Fines & Damage Assessments

Prior to departure from the residence hall, students will be assessed accordingly for items missing, damaged, or for the uncleanness of the room(s). When the student checks out with his/her RA, the RA should indicate such assessments on the check out sheet prior to the student signing the sheet. Should there be concealed damages discovered after the student has left the hall that will be charged to the students account. Should there be any questions about the assessments; the Residence Life Office should be contacted.

Damage Assessments

$  5.00  Re-hang White board
$10.00  Minor paint touch-up because of marks on walls ($10.00 per wall)
$10.00  Pencil size holes - for 2 or 3
$10.00  Replace White boards
$15.00  Removing closet/armoire doors
$20.00  Colored plastitack on walls
$25.00  Missing/broken wall light fixture
$25.00  Door damage (holes from tacks or nails)
$25.00  Minor wall repair (i.e., tape or hangings have damaged wall, etc.)
$25.00  Burn marks from iron, etc., or other non-removable markings (stain, tape, etc.) on carpet
$30.00  Replace Blinds
$50.00  Removal of screen
$50.00  Damaged door lock
$50.00  Disconnecting smoke detectors
$50.00  Replacement of key that is not returned at time of checkout, charge for room re-key and
$65.00  Missing/broken vanity mirror
$150.00 Replace mattress
TBD Screen repair/replacement
TBD Major wall repairs (i.e., rips in sheetrock, holes in sheetrock, etc.) - see Housing Coordinator
TBD Defacing any San Diego Christian College property - Repair or Replacement cost

Closing Fines

$25.00  Item or personal trash left in room and/or Hall
$25.00  Failure to be out of building by appointment time, plus $25 per hour till check-out time
$25.00  Minor clean-up (i.e., furniture not dusted, furniture not placed orderly)
$50.00  Improper checkout procedure—including the assessment by the RA/RD
$100.00 Major clean-up (i.e., room not thoroughly cleaned)
$200.00 Failure to check-out, - includes cleaning, improper check out

This list of fines and damage assessments is not exhaustive. If you have a question about the fine amount, please talk to your RD.

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