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Psychology Minor

Course Requirements  (19 credits)

Students choose to major in many fields. However, all graduates will have personal and work relationships with other people.  A psychology minor will give students an introductory core knowledge of this broad discipline, with the opportunity to choose courses that complement the academic major.

If you choose a minor in this department, you will need to complete the following courses in conjunction with your major:

Required specific Course: Credit

General Education Courses for all Psychology Minors

PSY 201 Introduction to Psychology: 3 
MA 210 Statistics: 3   

Psychology Courses for all Psychology Minors 

PSY 203 Applied Psychology: 3 
or PSY 204  History & Systems: 3
PSY 300 Experimental Psychology: 4 

Choose 2 of the following Core Courses:

PSY 302 Biological Psychology: 3
PSY 303 Cognitive Psychology: 3
PSY 304 Social Psychology: 3
PSY 331 or 332 or 333 Developmental Psychology: 3 
2 Psychology electives  (upper-level) 

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