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Mikado 2009 - Katelyn

Musical Theater

The Musical Theater program prepares students for a professional career in musical theater, both within and outside of the church.

Focus is placed on essential elements of successful presentation of roles and characters, from a directors and actors standpoint.  Students are given opportunities to direct, act, and develop tasteful program and works that can enhance a worship and professional experience.  Acceptance to the program is 'by audition only.'  Scholarships are available according to ability and grade point average (GPA). 

For further information, or to schedule an audition, please contact Dr. Paul Russell or the department office at (619) 201-8764. 

Musical Theater 
Mikado 2009 - Luke(1) 
Snoopy 2010 
Snoopy 2 2010 
Mikado 2009 
Mikado 2009 Amanda 



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