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Bachelor of Arts in Music

The Bachelor of Arts in Music degree at San Diego Christian College will require 132-138 credit hours, depending upon your concentration.  Of these total hours:

  • 72 hours are required from the General Education Core;
  • 17 hours are required from the Music Core; and,
  • 43-49 hours are required from the Music Concentration of your choosing.  

The Department of Music seeks to provide a solid yet flexible program for a wide range of students, whether music majors, interdisciplinary majors, music minors or those simply interested in cultivating their musical knowledge and ability. 


Music students of San Diego Christian College will demonstrate:

  • Understanding of the usage and relationship of historical and theoretical elements of musical repertoire from various cultures, eras and styles; 
  • Application of principles of creativity in music composition, supported by current technological skills;
  • Technical proficiency, stylistic authenticity, and expressive interpretation in performance; 
  • Development of interpersonal skills through effective participation in musical performing groups as both members and leaders; 
  • Commitment to promoting excellence in their realms of influence, whether performance, education, worship, theater, or technological support; and,
  • Knowledge and application of biblical worldview in matters pertaining to their chosen musical fields.  

Music majors may select from the following three concentrations:

Interdisciplinary students will combine selected musical experiences with studies in a second discipline, guided by faculty in both departments, tailoring their program to meet their unique interests and potential careers or ministries.  Students who major in other fields can minor in music or simply take advantage of a variety of musical studies and activities, including ensembles, worship teams, musical theater, private or group lessons, and courses such as Music Fundamentals or Music and Computer.  

Graduates in music enter careers/ministries such as church music/worship leading, musical theater, performance, and private studio instruction.  Some pursue graduate study.  All receive the advantage of personal attention from the faculty and support from fellow students pursuing the common goal of bringing glory to God.


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