Musical Theater Concentration
> Musical Theater Concentration

Musical Theater Concentration

Required program specific courses


MU 101 (A/E*,B,C,D) Music Introduction:3
MU 102 Music Theory I:3
MU 114  Applied Theory I :1
MU 201 Music Theory II:3
MU 301/305 Basic Conducting or Computer Music:2-3
MU ___ Private Music Instruction and/or
MU ___ Music Ensemble:8
MT 140 Intro to Musical Theater Production:1
MT 147 CYT Fieldwork:2
MT 148 CYT Fieldwork:2
MT 150 CYT Fieldwork (summer):2
MT 247/248 CYT Fieldwork:2
MT 250 CYT Fieldwork (summer):2
MT 347/348 CYT/SDCC Fieldwork:2
MT 447 CYT Fieldwork:2
MT 448 CYT/SDCC Fieldwork:2
MT 495 Senior Music Theater Project:1
MT/BU ___ Musical Theater or Business course:2-3
Elective Options in Music (choose 3 credits)
MU 202 Music Theory III:3
MU 301 Basic Conducting:3
MU 302 Advanced Conducting:3
MU 310 Practical Composition and Arranging:3
MU 325 Church Music Leadership:3 
Elective Options for Musical Theater (choose 14 credits)
MT 141 Musical Theater History:2
MT 142 Scene Design and Construction:2
MT 145 Lighting for the Theater:2
MT 241 Theater History:2
MT 242 Fundamentals of Painting & Drawing:2
MT 243 Costume Design and Construction:2
MT 244 Theatrical Make-Up:2
MT 245 Sound for the Stage:2
MT 340 Musical Theater Directing:2
MT 347 The Business of Theater:2
MT 440 Directing for Video/Film:2
MT 442 Writing for Children’s Musical Theater:2

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