Mission Statement and Goals
> Mission Statement and Goals

Mission Statement and Goals

The mission of the Department of Music at San Diego Christian College is to create a Christ-based learning environment that provides the highest order of education in all essential aspects of music, to establish a foundation for life-long growth in music, and to offer degree and certificate programs designed to consider the future needs of the student within the context of the church, their community, and world abroad.  We seek to do this by providing:

Cultural DiversityA standard of excellence in music education and training for undergraduate liberal arts students;

Performance and theoretical musical skills that will enable them to be successful musicians;

An historical/cultural perspective on the tradition and evolutions of music;

Opportunities for critical thinking (i.e. analysis, critical listening, performance evaluation); and,

An environment that fosters musical growth within their community and world environment.

In keeping with the Mission Statement of San Diego Christian College, the Department of Music seeks opportunities to engage student Christians in an academic community that offers a liberal arts education, promotes an environment of scholarship, and fosters the examination of truth, preparing them to influence the world through godly character within a framework of the authority and inerrancy of Scripture.  Learning goals centered on the mission are directed toward enabling students to:

  • Obtain a foundational knowledge of the humanities, sciences, and social sciences that provides a framework for life-long learning;
  • Specialize in at least one academic discipline with specific career and life applications;
  • Demonstrate effective communication and social skills;
  • Apply critical thinking skills to scholarly, professional, and personal endeavors;
  • Practice individual responsibility to God, others and to the environment;
  • Explore a variety of opportunities for active participation in local and global communities in preparation for a lifestyle of service and ministry;
  • Interact effectively with individuals of diverse cultural perspectives; and,
  • Exercise self-discipline and personal integrity based on biblical principles and an active personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

The Department of Music values a biblically integrated music education by developing students’ lives for the glory of God and creating a relational environment conducive to enhancing the potential of individuals as they serve Christ.  We believe that an individual’s first responsibility is to the God of the Bible and that a person’s whole life should reflect His framework in a context of peace and selfless love.  With such belief, faculty assert that a genuine love for and interaction with all students of the Department as Scripture mandates.

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