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Alumni Updates for the 40th Celebration

Terry West: I will not be able to attend the gathering in February, which is unfortunate, because I would have loved too.  I am planning on returning to California at some point, even if it is just for a visit, and I will make sure to stop by.  Please let Mrs. King know that I said hi.  As for me, I have been working at The Urban Science Academy, trying to mold some young (literally, even in their maturity) minds.  I never knew the extent of what teachers go through, but it definitely is hard sometimes.  Since I have been there my respect for teachers and professors has grown tremendously.  On the other hand, my main focus and goal is still Law school.  The target Lord willing is the fall, hopefully, in the Southern Cal area.  So, if you could keep me in your prayers that would be great.  Other than that there has not been much change, except for the two years of life experience, and this current atrocious winter that we are having up here.  With that being said, I hope all goes well on the 12th of February.

Steve Throop: The reception sounds like a lot of fun! It will be a little difficult to make it from Indonesia. :) I am glad we connected on Facebook. If you ever feel like traveling halfway across the globe for vacation, Indonesia has some of the the most beautiful diving places in the the world.

Jim Kerr: It was great to hear from you and to see that you are still at SDCC. Terri (Hill) and I would love to be able to come for the celebration, but as of now we can’t afford the money or time it will take. If possible, please pass on my e-mail address to Dr. McDowell and anybody from 1990 – 1995 who might attend the reunion.

Bob Ruhlman: It is good to hear from you and I’m very excited to hear about the 40th anniversary celebration at SDCC.  It sounds like the school is thriving.  Lee Anne will be there as Dr. Ellsworth is hosting a big music event in conjunction with the celebration.  I won’t be able to be there as I’ll be dad to our 3 daughters and principal to my high school!  I wish I could be there as it would be really special to see you and many others.  We are in Seattle living the dream (except for our sports teams up here!).  I taught history for 8 years and then went into school administration where I’ve been principal at King’s for over 8 years.  Great school with terrific staff, students and families.  Really thankful for my time at SDCC and your patience with me as a student.   

Anna Baker (Cook): I am still in the Navy as a aircraft structural mechanic for helicopters and I am stationed in Jacksonville, VA. Well I am married and just had a sweet little baby girl and we are very happy. Life is definately an adventure with a new baby and a husband in the navy and my own work schedule but it is great! This fall I am going to be starting my grad school, hopefully continuing to study WW2 era and a little military history, I am very excited to take advantage of the free education money the navy offers. Well I hope you and your family are doing well, I definately miss your classes!

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