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Department of History and Social Science Faculty

Jon DePriest, Department Chair, History/Social Science

Jon P. DePriest, Ph. D.  

Career History:1991-Present
San Diego Christian College,  El Cajon, CA
Professor of History
Chair of History/Social Sciences
Full-time American History Faculty
Three years as Vice President
(Academics & Operations)
Eight years as Director of Strategic Planning
Five years as Head Women’s Volleyball Coach / SID
(Read His Full Resume)
Published Article by Dr. Jon DePriest

Kathleen King, Assistant Professor, History/Social Science

Kathleen M. King 

Career History: 2001-Present
San Diego Christian College, El Cajon, CA
Assistant Professor
Full-time World History Faculty
Director, Oral History Project
Co-Director, Timeline Project:
History Across the Curriculum Research Project
(Read Her Full Resume)

 Nalani E. HildermanNalani E. Hilderman 

Career History: 20010-Present
San Diego Christian College, El Cajon, CA
Adjunct Professor
(Read Her Full Resume)


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