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History and Social Science Mission Statement and Department Objectives

The History & Social Science Department has developed a mission statement and five departmental objectives:

The mission of the History/Social Science Department is to mentor students, including a willingness to represent Christ within a culturally diverse society, while acquiring general knowledge, scholarly reasoning, and research skills.

  1. To synthesize knowledge of the structure, history and management of human societies.
  2. To develop information literacy, generating research from well-developed reasoning and critical interpretation of material evidence, communicated in both oral and written form.
  3. To differentiate between culturally generated beliefs and divinely revealed truth, while developing a biblical perspective that reflects an appreciation for the richness and diversity of cultures.
  4. To cultivate a lifelong commitment to growth in the Christian faith, professional integrity, and passion for service.
  5. To demonstrate an eclectic approach to historical investigation in order to apply information from a variety of sources.
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