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Joe Sarnowski, Department of EnglishJoe Sarnowski

Joe is a graduate of the University of Toledo (B.A. 1994, M.A. 1996, Ph.D. 1999). His monograph, The Literary Achievement of the American Poet Robert Penn Warren: His Life-Long Struggles with Morality, Myth, and Modernity is available from The Edwin Mellen Press. His work has also appeared in The Kentucky Review, the Lamar Journal for the Humanities, and the Encyclopedia of American War Literature (Greenwood Press). He lives in El Cajon with his wife, Erica, and their children, Caleb, Jackman, and Cayia.

"The great thing about literary studies today is that it touches on every aspect of human experience.  So no matter what interests and concerns you have you can pursue them through the study of literature and literary theory."

"I make a distinction between learning and being taught.  To be taught is to be directed to act or to respond in a prescribed manner under given circumstances.  [. . .].  On the other hand, learning is the growth of one's intellect and skill through trial and error."

Read Professor Sarnowski's Statement of Educational Philosophy 

Deborah Haynes, Department of English

Deborah Haynes
Assistant Professor of English
San Diego Christian College

I decided in my last years of college that I wanted to be an English teacher who was able to teach in various cultures around the world.  I saw the student as equally capable to succeed given the right environment and as his or her teacher, it was my responsibility to do the best I could to provide that learning arena.  The Lord has blessed me by providing me teaching opportunities in China, Germany, and Guam. The majority of my teaching has been on the secondary level; however, the last seven years of teaching has been at the college level. At SDCC I have been blessed to work with students who really want to learn. That has, and continues to be, a joy for me.  I love what I do.

Outside of teaching, my other favorites are hiking and camping with my daughter’s family in N. California, tending my garden, walking the hills and valleys of east San Diego and learning about the local history of my hometown.

My undergraduate work was done in biology, German and English at San Diego State University. My Master’s Degree is in Person-centered education from United States International University. I hold a clear California secondary credential.

Associate Professor
Chair of the Department of English
San Diego Christian College

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