Teacher Credential Only Program
> Teacher Credential Only Program

Teacher Credential Program

Credential Pre-requisites

MS = Multiple Subject Credential only     SS = Single Subject Credential only


Transfer of comparable coursework will be evaluated by the Education Department. 

Math for Children (MS)
Science for Children Methods (MS)
Visual and Performing Arts (MS)
U.S. Constitution (MS/SS)
Health Education for Teachers (MS/SS) 
Computers for Teachers Level 1 (This prerequisite is required before Block 2.) (MS/SS)

Semesters begin in January and late August.  Summer courses begin in June. 

Block 1

ED 300—Introduction to Education (10 hrs. of fieldwork required) - Also offered online in a 5-week summer module.

  • Interview for admission to the Teacher Credential Program
  • Register for and attempt the CBEST 
  • Register for and attempt the CSET 

EN 316 Introduction to Linguistics - Also offered in a summer module (This course is not online).

Multiple Subject only: MA 303 and ED 312 are taken in the summer before Block 2, or during the fall along with Block 2.  

Block 2

 The following courses should be taken as a block.  There is a requirement of 10 hours of fieldwork for all courses in Block 2 except ED 507.  

First 8 Weeks 

ED 503—Educational Psychology
ED 505/506—Curriculum & Instruction
ED 507—Seminar in Professional Development 

MA 303/ED 312 - Multiple Subject candidates only, if lacking from undergraduate work.

Deadline to have CSET and CBEST completely passed: October 15

Second 8 Weeks 

ED 501/504—Teaching of Reading ( Register for & take the RICA) 

EN 506 —TESOL in Multicultural Classrooms
ED 508—Secondary Teaching Methods (Single Subject candidates only)

MA 303/ED 312 - Multiple Subject candidates only, if lacking from undergraduate work.

Block 3

ED 547/548—Student Teaching
ED 551/552—Seminar in Directed Student Teaching 

(Multiple Subject only: ED 313 Visual and Performing Arts
prerequisite is taken during Block 1 or 3 and lasts two full Saturdays.)

Application Information 

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