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TESOL Certificate

The Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) Certificate provides individuals with specialized training to teach English in a number of ESL settings.  Current undergraduates in any major may pursue this certificate program. The TESOL certificate will be awarded when a bachelor’s degree has been completed. Interested individuals who have previously earned a BA/BS are also eligible.

The TESOL Certificate would provide training for teaching English in the following situations:

1. Post-Secondary/Adult Education:  This would include overseas schools, colleges, and universities.  Also, adult education programs in the US quite often hire teachers with TESOL Certificates. 

2. K-12 Schools:  Gives extra certification for teaching English learners.  May qualify a person to function as an EL specialist.  (This certification is NOT required for the Preliminary Teaching Credential.)

3. Church/Missions Ministry: Used in the States to teach in church-based volunteer ESL programs and in other ministry organizations.  May be used in overseas ministries to teach English in many settings.

For more information about TESOL CERTIFICATION contact: Cheryl Myers 


1.  Apply to the college http://www.sdcc.edu/ApplyNow.aspx (ALL TESOL students complete the Undergraduate application)

2.  Complete the upper portion of the TESOL Application and email or mail to Cheryl Myers.


Program Specific Course: Credit

SS 204 Cultural Anthropology: 3
EN 415 Approaches to Grammar: 3
EN 316 Introduction to Linguistics: 3
EN 506 TESOL in Multicultural Classrooms: 3
ICS 305 Intercultural Communication 3
EN 450 Practicum in Teaching English as a Second Language: 1

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