Fifth-Year Program (SB2042)
> Fifth-Year Program (SB2042)

Fifth-Year Program

Please note: This program will not be offered until further notice.

Obtaining a Professional Clear SB2042 Credential

The purpose of the Fifth Year Program is to provide teachers who hold an SB2042 Preliminary Multiple or Single Subject Teaching Credential with a means of converting the Preliminary to Professional Clear status. Since this is the second phase of the California Credentialing process, outcomes for this program are the Teacher Performance Expectations as outlined for the first phase of the credentialing process, the Teacher Credential Program. 

This program is designed for new teachers who are teaching in private or charter schools and do not have access to a district-provided induction program or a Beginning Teacher Support and Assessment Program (BTSA).  To be eligible for this program, candidates must hold a full-time teaching position and must supply a CL-855 from their employers that no induction program is available to them. 

Program Overview

This is a fifteen-unit, field-based program, which follows the completion of the Preliminary Level 1 Credential.  Course assignments and activities are based upon classroom teaching and participation.  Theory presented during course instruction is applied in classroom settings and results are subjected to professional reflection. 


Candidates applying for this program must hold a SB 2042 Preliminary Credential (Multiple or Single Subject) and a full-time teaching position.

Program Specific Course: Credits

ED 500 Advanced Study of Health Education: 3
ED 510 Advanced Study-Technology in the Classroom: 3
ED 531 Advanced Study of Teaching Special Populations: 3
ED 550 Advanced Study of Teaching English Learners: 3
ED 560 Advanced Educational Psychology: 3

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