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fo· ren· sic  –adjective
1) pertaining to, connected with, or used in courts of law or public discussion and formal debate

Welcome to the SDCC Speech and Debate Team, a full-service program that offers intercollegiate competitive speaking in both Individual Events and Parliamentary Debate. The team practices weekly and competes nationwide with major universities from across the country. While students benefit in countless ways from this activity, it particularly enhances skills in public speaking, argumentation, quick/critical thinking, interpersonal communication, and research. The extraordinary abilities that debaters develop benefit every aspect of these students’ lives--whether in academics (in which debaters excel), businesses (in which speaking skills are so valued), relationships (which require effective communication), or Christian faith (which debaters learn to present and defend winsomely). Besides developing impressive résumés, debaters also develop many friendships in this exciting community of talented and dynamic individuals from colleges across the country. 

The study and practice of law demands an ability to articulate clearly and concisely, both in the written and spoken word. An accomplished advocate is able to recognize truth, organize thoughts, and present those thoughts in a persuasive manner. I have full confidence that no other life experience prepared me as well for the practice of law than my time in speech and debate. This activity forced me to articulate my thoughts, to find my voice, and to recognize truth from fiction. Because of this, I am a more capable advocate.

Colin McDonald
Juris Doctor candidate 2012
California Western School of Law
Executive Notes & Comments Editor, California Western International Law Journal

The Debate Team welcomes all current or prospective SDCC students interested in learning more about speech and debate to contact Josh Cangelosi. To join the team, simply sign up for "Intercollegiate Forensics" (a one-unit credit/no-credit course). Those joining the team for the first time should also take "Argumentation and Debate," the Communication course which introduces students to the activity. Students who complete this introductory course may then take "Advanced Argumentation and Debate." Accelerate your education by joining the Debate Team today!

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Joshua Cangelosi
Director of Forensics
Joshua.Cangelosi @ sdcc.edu

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