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"The communication degree program taught me to write, not just to earn a degree, but to learn to write well enough to earn a career. Within 10 months at my company (2 months before I should have been eligible) I was able to earn my current position as the Content and Communication Specialist supporting our Public Sector sales teams. My role is responsible for creating content that communicates SHI's value and supports customer needs. The SDCC communication program taught me how to write for specific audiences, create persuasive content, and analyze the ways in which we view our world through communicative lenses which forms our writing. The content I create takes multiple forms, ranging from email blasts to graphics and logos, yet all of what I create is given strategic value because of my degree."

- Nick Godwin, Communication Alum 2011

"I love being a Communication major! The professors are wonderful! They care about your personal growth as an undergraduate and they are highly knowledgeable in the field. They have brought insight to my personal relationships and daily life just through teaching the course curriculum. I am constantly engaged in classroom discussions and feel more encouraged to reach my goals than I ever have before. I am confident not only in my speaking abilities, but in the organizational and relational aspects of communication. More importantly, I have the confidence to share God's Word in an effective manner."

- Nicole Heck, Bachelor of Arts in Communication December 2010

"Beyond offering a degree in perhaps the most widely applicable major the school offers, the Communication Department teaches an ethic of discipline and quality all too rare in undergraduate studies. From the professors to the curriculum to the forensics, the department offers an opportunity to obtain more than a bachelor's degree; it offers an opportunity for excellence."

- Caleb Smith, Current Student 2010

"Having been a Communication major was like being a part of a family. The professors have a genuine love for their students and they are gunning for you to do your best. I felt so cared for by them that it challenged me to do well, not just for myself, but for them as well. Because of their thoughtfulness, I was able to develop skills intellectually and spiritually, ultimately preparing myself for the real world."

- Tessa Johnson, Receptionist for Marks, Golia & Finch, LLP, Bachelor of Arts in Communication May 2010 


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