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The Academic Study of Communication 

Communication pervades our existence.  Jesus, the master communicator, continues to teach us through the parables he told.  He realized that to reach others through language you must know what their needs are, know what you are talking about and also understand how to get and hold their attention.  If you are interested in what people (everyday people as well as world leaders) do and why they do it—with the meanings people create for themselves across contexts including the corporate world, in health behaviors and choices, in key interpersonal relationships, in group settings, in persuading others, in analyzing the important religious, political, and social messages of our day, in the use of power and politics, and if you are interested in developing your own speaking and critical thinking skills, then this is a field of study that may interest you. 

What Can You Do With a Degree in Communication?

Many people who study communication often find themselves in leadership positions in their chosen fields.  Why?  Communication pervades our lives and those who understand what is going on in human interaction will be successful in knowing how to make these processes more effective, no matter the context.  Here are just some of the many careers that students of communication can aspire to: 

Corporate/Management Consulting
Technical Writing
College Administration
Pastor/Youth Pastor
Law—A Communication degree provides outstanding Pre-Law preparation
Political Speech Writing
Video Production
Training and Development
Missionary Work
Human Resources
Professional Speaking
Radio Production
Political Advisor
Organizational Assessment and Improvement
Event Planning
Public Relations
Entertainment Promotion
Human Resource Management
College Recruiter

Communication majors at SDCC often select the following areas for either graduate studies or careers:

Graduate Study: 


Business Management
Communication/Communication Management
Motion Picture/Television
Political Science and International Relations
Public Policy and Administration



Advertising and Marketing
Public Relations
Broadcast and Print Journalism: Anchor, Reporter, Production, Editor, and Publishing
Counseling and Consulting
Education: Teaching and Administration
Election Campaign Promotion
Human Resources
Information Services
Municipal Planning
Non-profit Corporations and Fundraising
Service in Elective Public Offices
Social Work 

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