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“The study of communication teaches students to read contexts/cultures, determine the best way to connect with others inside those contexts, and develop analytical, speaking, and advocacy skills that allow for critical thought about what is occurring and then to articulate it through writing, presentations, technology, in compelling ways. In this way, communication students are well poised to assume leadership positions inside their respective organizations. “

If you are interested in becoming a more competent communicator as well as understanding both how communication works and how to improve communication effectiveness across the various contexts: in your relationships, in the places you meet and work, in group settings, in the context of health, between and within various cultures, etc. then you have landed in the right place.

The major in Communication is an interdisciplinary curriculum leading to a Bachelor of Arts degree. It seeks to provide students with a comprehensive knowledge of the nature of human communication, the symbol systems by which it functions, the environments in which it occurs, and its effects. Employing critical and empirical approaches, the major draws its resources from the social sciences, humanities, and the fine arts. The concentration in interpersonal communication centers on face-to-face communicative interaction. 

“We are intentional every day about developing our students in all the important ways—heart, mind and soul.”  Lisa Gates, Department Chair 

BookCongratulations to Professor Phillip Van Saun on the May, 2012 release of his book Failure is an Option: A Primer and Guide for Managing Crises. He will follow the release with a book tour. We are so fortunate to have him working with our students in his area of expertise: Crisis Management.  


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We have established the "Communication Alumnus of Honor"--awarded to an SDCC Communication graduate making a difference in their community through their application of communication. Our very first Alumnus of Honor is Danitza Villanueva (Communication '10), co-owner with her husband Esteban of Gente Bien, an online bilingual-binational magazine that promotes cultural and community events. We are so proud of the work that Danitza is doing to connect the San Diego and Tijuana communities. Congratulations to Danitza, a most deserving honoree.  Read more about Danitza... 




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