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I had an interest in careers that required that I have a background in science. SDCC has better equipped me for life by helping me to increase my academic knowledge and communication skills.  I enjoyed great one-on-one interaction with my professors, Dr. Peterson and Professor Hillaker, who helped me gain the confidence to pursue a career in medicine.  My advice to others - try to cultivate your thirst for knowledge as this will provide you energy to do well. 

~Jeremy Day, Bachelor of Science in Biological Science, 2006 

Alumna Melody Alyssa Lopez earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Biological Science in 2004.  She is currently working as an Analytical Scientist at a pharmaceutical research company.  Read her interview... 

Spotlight on SDCC Biology Graduates 

2001 Gregg Gunn - #1! Western Medical School
2001 Heather Peterson - High School Biology Teacher
2001 Kimberely Loureiro - Missionary
2002 Lisa Kederian - Top10! USC Dental School
2004 John Teague! - Top10 USC Pharmacy School
2004 Leah Mallinger - Top 1/3! Optometry School
2004 Melody Lopez - Analytical Scientist
2006 Rachel Conant - Research Lab Assistant
2007 Victor Gunn - Pharmacy Assistant

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