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Capstone Rubric (for TH 406 Major Bible Doctrines Paper)

  Inadequately Developed  Developed  Considerably Developed  Score 
1. The student identifies and addresses the primary issues with regard to each area of systematic theology. Does not identify the key issues of doctrine in the paper. Student appears confused by the matters in question, showing inaccuracy in many of his conclusions. Identifies most of the main issues of doctrine as prescribed in the assignment. The student’s doctrinal statement covers all of the basics of systematic theology. The student has written a superlative document showing a high degree of competence in writing skills, theological knowledge and ability to defend the positions taken in the paper.  
2. The student presents his own viewpoint on the doctrinal matters investigated in the paper. Does not come to adequate conclusions on most of the doctrines discussed in the paper. Student seems unwilling to take a stand on crucial matters of theology. Does a good job identifying his own perspective/position on the broad range of doctrines in the Bible. Uses support from the Bible as well as sound theological reasoning. The student writes an engaging paper showing his strong interest and love for sound doctrine. The support used is very strong and convincing.  
3. The student makes it clear that there are competing viewpoints which are important to creating his own doctrinal statement. Identifies only a smattering of differing viewpoints with little interest in providing clarity. Little attention is shown to the assignment prompts and course material studied during the term. Addresses many of the perspectives found in the study of systematic theology. The student well understands the connections between sound interpretation and sound doctrine. The student truly shines with regard to demonstrating the differing systems of theology and their effect upon doctrinal beliefs. The student has created a paper that is uniquely his own.  
4. The student adequately supports his doctrinal positions with biblical and theological statements. The student seems to merely repeat what is in the textbook and class notes rather than synthesize data toward writing the doctrinal paper in his own words. Struggles with distinguishing fact, opinion and what matters the most. The student seeks out strong biblical support for doctrinal positions affirmed in his paper. Strong use of theological opinion and Scripture combine to create a readable and adequate text. The student appears to be robustly interested in the details of theology. That interest is reflected through biblical support and documentation throughout the paper.  
Updated: November 2011
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