Five Year Assessment Plan - Bible Dept
> Five Year Assessment Plan - Bible Dept

Five Year Assessment Plan - Bible Department

Annual Cycle  Objective Assessed  Areas Evaluated 
Objective 4

Demonstrate orthodox Biblical comprehension, both in written and oral discourse

  • Major Bible Doctrines Paper
  • Major Bible Doctrines Oral Evaluation
  • Homiletics course: Preaching
Objective 5

Demonstrate an apologetic for diverse worldviews of a variety of philosophical and theological systems

  • Evaluation of Philosophy Papers
Objective 1

Identify and define goals in areas of learning and teaching that will be priorities of further study and inquiry, both independently and/or in structured graduate programs

TH 406 Major Bible Doctrines

  • Survey of Student’s Future Plans
  • Question on the Final Exam about items in Objective 1
Objective 2

Identify areas of spiritual giftedness through participation in surveys conducted in Romans and Major Bible Doctrines

  • BI 214 Romans—Spiritual Gifts Survey will be conducted Spring 2012
  • TH 406 Major Bible Doctrines—Spiritual Gifts Survey was conducted Spring 2011
Objective 3

Demonstrate current application of biblical principles in both vocation and life experience

  • TH 201/202 Student Journal Evidences
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