Statement on Doctrinal Consistency
> Statement on Doctrinal Consistency

Statement on Doctrinal Consistency in the Biblical Studies Department

The SDCC Biblical Studies department has several theological distinctives that are noteworthy.

  1. The Bible faculty agrees that a grammatical historical interpretation of Scripture is the best and God-ordained way to bring the message of God’s Word to the world today.
  2. The Bible faculty agrees with the teachings of young earth, six day creationism, and in keeping with a dedication to the literal interpretation of Genesis.
  3. The Bible faculty fully approves the doctrinal statement of the college, agreeing with its founders, Dr. Tim LaHaye, Dr. Henry Morris and Dr. Art Peters, who pioneered the school and established its doctrinal direction.
  4. The Bible faculty believes the study of God’s Word and Systematic Theology should yield not only vital knowledge of the Bible, but also a practical response in the Christian life.
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