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Brian Moulton, Department Chair, Biblical StudiesBrian Moulton
Department Chair
Associate Professor

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Dr. Brian Moulton holds a Ph.D. in Biblical Studies from Dallas Theological Seminary. He presently serves as Bible Department Chairman at San Diego Christian College. Areas of expertise, beyond biblical and theological studies, include pastoral ministry and working with pre-marrieds as they progress toward marriage.

Brian has been married to Laurie since 1984. They have two teenagers, Stephen and Sarah, who both enjoy playing in the Shadow Mountain Community Church Orchestra. Dr. Moulton’s hobby-for-life is high power rocketry, a desert activity that involves monster rockets, mach speeds, and mostly lots of fun and crashes.

Brian was born and raised in Minnesota, was saved by the Lord at the University of Minnesota at age 21, and has pursued ministry ever since. After nine years at Dallas Theological Seminary, Brian and his young family moved to Nebraska and enjoyed pastoral ministry for many years. Dr. Moulton believes that “living in California is the greatest!”. He also believes that the Word of God contains God’s message for the present “evil and adulterous generation”, and that every true believer in Jesus Christ is called to help transform lives through Scripture and life example.

Steve Whitten, Associate Professor, Biblical StudiesSteve Whitten
Associate Professor

Steve transferred to San Diego Christian College from a secular institution in the spring of 1975. He spent five years at SDCC and earned degrees in History and Bible. After working in the public sector for two years he entered Talbot Theological Seminary in the spring of 1982. He graduated with a Masters of Divinity in Systematic Theology in the spring of 1986. He joined the faculty of SDCC in the spring of 1987 and has taught here since that time. That same year he planted a church, Grace Fellowship of San Diego, where he has been a Shepherd and teacher for the last 21 years.

Steve married Marguerite in April of 1981 and God has blessed them with four children. Jeremiah is 22 years old and just finished his degree at SDCC in English. Their identical twin boys, Andrew and Aaron are seniors at Christian High School and daughter Grace is in the sixth grade.

Steve became a Christian in 1973 and Jesus has changed his life. He considers himself a practitioner. He loves shepherding and encouraging the students to apply what they are learning in the classroom. Steve also has a passion for church history and integrates his knowledge of the subject into the classroom. He also has a love for discipleship and considers his job at SDCC an opportunity to mentor those who pass through our college so that they can impact the world for Christ.

Fred Blackburn, Assistant Professor, Biblical StudiesFred Duell Blackburn
Assistant Professor

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Fred received a B.A. in History from San Diego Christian College (CHC) in 1990 and a M.A. in Philosophy from San Diego State University in 2002. He taught his first class at San Diego Christian College in 1991 and was promoted from instructor to assistant professor in 1997.

Fred lives on the edge of western civilization with his sister and her six children. He is Uncle/Dad and even though a hermit at heart, laughs and rejoices at the bounty with which God has filled his life. Fred love trees, coffee, and people, not necessarily, but occasionally in that order.

Everyone has a philosophy of life, although not everyone is a philosopher. Fred's goal is to teach the students how to question and think, how to evaluate data and be aware of their own and others presuppositions. His applied philosophy is education over indoctrination, toleration over acceptance, faith over reason, and ultimately Jesus over self.

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