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"Aviation was the beacon that guided me to San Diego Christian College. Watching Snoopy dogfighting the legendary Red Baron as a kid; Standing in awe of a Coast Guard helicopter on its landing approach from a rescue mission; My first flight lesson which transported me literally through a cloud layer to a place that could only be described as heaven – all led to God's path for me in SDCC aviation. Throughout pursuit of my degree, my knowledge expanded, my flying skills developed and honed, and my faith strengthened and flourished. God is my inspiration, aviation is my passion, but San Diego Christian College focused my passion into a career."
~Mathew Belden SDCC 2010

"As an Aviation major I was exposed to a great Christ-inspired liberal arts education, but the most exciting and most rewarding experiences in aviation came with our Flight Team competitions at the regional and national level. In the past 3 years we flew 5 airplanes several thousand miles cross America to compete at NIFA SAFECON championships in St. Louis, Terre Haute and Columbus Ohio. The flying, the competition, the camaraderie and fellowship were as good as it gets anywhere. As a student ministry Flight Team worked in our community to help spread the gospel and introduce flying to youngsters who otherwise would not have the opportunity."
~ Aaron Varela, SDCC 2011 

No matter what, the Lord has truly provided for me an amazing college experience. I feel as if I am staring into a future of opportunities that are totally "up in the air", and that to me is extremely exciting. 
~Bethany Saxman, Bachelor of Science in Aviation, 2006 

SDCC is a place where one is constantly being lifted up by others. The competition is friendly, and everybody wants you to succeed.  It has been a safe environment for me to try new things and know that if I fail, my brothers and sisters will be there to lift me up and wipe me off. I originally started off as a liberal studies major until two fellow students talked me into trying aviation. I was pretty hesitant at first and thought that I could never do a thing like that, but now I am just about to get my private pilot license. Changing my major to aviation has been the best move I ever made!  My advice to anyone who is thinking about majoring in aviation is to pray about it.  Pursuing this major will be the best thing you ever do, and also the most intimidating. It will push you farther and harder than anything you have ever done before, but what a view!!!
~Tiffany Wolfe, Bachelor of Science in Aviation, 2008 

SDCC is the place where my dreams started to come true. I deeply wanted to be a pilot and at SDCC I am getting the training I need, and now I'm flying! To major in aviation you have to be dedicated and diligent. It takes work and sometimes it's stressful, but it's ALWAYS fun.  SDCC has the best flight instructors and ground courses. You won't find a better aviation education.
~Angela Brandini,  Bachelor of Science in Aviation, 2008

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