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San Diego Christian College recognizes there are many vocations one can serve God through aviation. Our program is committed to seeing our students serve Christ - whether with a missionary aviation organization, with the military, or through commercial aviation. It may be that your curiosity for aviation takes you to the cockpit without a specific mission in mind. That happens a lot actually. Many pilots are “drawn to the skies” not knowing if they are meant for a career in aviation or if they would just love to fly along at treetop level watching the deer and wildlife flourish in God’s kingdom just below their wingtips. Often, experience and happenstance in the course of your aviation degree takes youthful infatuation with airplanes and flying to a serious professional career.

Prior to becoming the Director of Aviation at SDCC I was a US Navy pilot for 13 years and an American Airlines captain for over 30 years. I know the industry well and I can help guide young men and women towards their goals in aviation with confidence. Jean’s Flight Training at Gillespie Field El Cajon, CA is the FBO that provides flight training for our students. JFT also provides first jobs for many of our graduates as flight instructors. Through flight instructing, our graduates build flight hours, earn a living, and meet many more people while developing their career opportunities through aviation “networking”. 

Denis Breslin
Director of Aviation


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Mission Aviation Fellowship
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