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The following figures are estimates based on minimum flight time for SDCC course credit. While the hours for FAA licensing may be less, course credit is dependent on completion of specified minimum requirements. Some students may require additional flight time to master certain skills and they will be charged for any hours beyond the SDCC minimum. Charges will be based on current plane fees and instructor costs.

The flowcharts in the following link are a visual representation of the course fees for each class as well as an accumulated total for each year. Click the link below for a graphical representation of the course fees: 

Aviation Program Fee summary flow-chart (please note that this chart is for 2014-2015) 


The course fees listed are in addition to regular tuition, room and board. Aviation course fees pay for the aircraft rental and flight instructor fee. Also included are funds for the required FAA Medical Exam (First Class Medical and Student Pilot Certificate); Pilot Operating Handbook; course syllabus; FAA Knowledge Test and FAA Practical Pilot Exams.

All course fees are paid "up front" - meaning they are paid with tuition before beginning instruction for the semester. All fees for aviation must be paid to SDCC Enrollment Services. The college forwards funds to your account at SDCC Aero for flight training. Each student should make a concerted effort to track flight fund balances after each flight. Actual current account balance, flight lesson progress and scheduling information is available on Sky Scheduler .


 2014-2015 Aviation 

Course Fees 


Course Cost Details



Flight School Supplies List 

 (included in Course Fees)

AVT 417- CFI and AVT-419 Multi-Engine
Instrument Flight Instructor and Multi-Engine Flight Instructor
AVT 323 and AVT 317A/B Commercial
AVT 223 and AVT 217A/B Instrument Rating
AVT 117A/B Private Pilot 



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