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Aviation Department Objectives

Graduates of San Diego Christian College Aviation program will earn a Bachelor of Science degree in Aviation Technology.

The degree includes the following pilot ratings: 

  1. Private Pilot
  2. Instrument Pilot
  3. Commercial Pilot
  4. Certified Flight Instructor
In addition we offer advanced ratings as desired including:  
  1. Multi-engine
  2. Instrument Instructor
Students at SDCC can pursue one of 3 different tracks: 
  1. Missionary
  2. Military 
  3. Commercial  
Our Aviation Department Objective is to train precision pilots so a graduate from our Aviation Program will have the skills necessary to competently, professionally and safely fly in any of the previously mentioned career tracks. As a Christian College we teach our pilots to apply biblical principles in the aviation profession that Christ will be Glorified in applying the skills He has given us to serve Him with. 
Although our main goal is to train and place pilots in the mission field, we know God is in charge of how and when that vocation is realized. Therefore we train pilots for any endeavor, be it missionary, military or commercial, and trust God to place them where He needs them for His purposes.
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