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Lori (Cherland) McCune has been connecting and corresponding with her fellow alumni since she graduated in 1978.  “CHC was so important to my life that I hated the thought of losing all the incredible Christian friends I made there, so I worked hard to keep in touch with a lot of people over the years,” she says.  Indeed she has worked hard, e-mailing alumni several times each month as well as planning a reunion every time she returns to San Diego.   

Lori Cherland did not discover San Diego Christian College (then Christian Heritage College) in the usual way.  Being a Minnesotan, she fell in love with the weather in southern California before she ever knew about the College.  “It was March and if you've ever been in the Midwest in March...well, let's just say that the San Diego weather, the sailboats (my favorite sport) and the beach sold me on SD being the town in which I wanted to attend college.”  Her relatives told Lori about colleges in the area, and she let them know that she had “already done the secular college thing and wasn't up for it again.”  One aunt mentioned that there was a Christian college in El Cajon connected to a church pastored by Tim LaHaye.  After attending the church and feeling the warm welcome of the college students there, Lori Cherland knew where she wanted to pursue her education in liberal studies. 

Lori came to SDCC as a new believer and knew immediately that she would be receiving more than just a liberal arts education.  “I entered as a baby believer and God called me into obedience and a Christ-centered life,” she remembers.  People like Shirley Peters, Julie Batchelor, and Dr. Fred Nofer are a few of the many who Lori recalls as being particularly influential during her years at the College.  She met her husband, Ken, aviation major and fellow 1978 grad, while attending SDCC.  Through a Missions Conference speaker, God called the McCunes to missions, and she and Ken have fulfilled that calling since they graduated from San Diego Christian.  They have ministered in South America and throughout the United States, and are currently involved in Hispanic ministry in Driggs, Idaho.  “Due to agriculture and tourism in this area, there are thousands of Spanish speakers in the area and God, by His grace, has allowed us to plant Hispanic churches in WY and ID,” Lori explains.  Ken ministers full time with Hispanics under American Missionary Fellowship (formerly American Sunday School Union) and Lori  teaches English as a Second Language and Spanish at the local public high school, where she is in constant contact with Spanish speaking teens, a group the McCunes are trying to reach with the gospel.  Their son, Andy ministers full time with camping and youth under American Missionary Fellowship; daughter, Katie married a godly young man , Wes Clarke, and they completed their final year of Christian college together. 

Contact the SDCC Alumni Office to get in contact with Lori McCune.

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