2006 Alumnus of the Year
> 2006 Alumnus of the Year

2006 Alumnus of the Year 

Brad Orr is one who more than qualified to be Alumnus of the Year.  He graduated from San Diego Christian College (CHC) in 1976, only six years after its founding.  His past 17+ years have been at Burnham Insurance Services, where his faithful service, knowledge, and professionalism moved him from agent to President.  Brad, a hands-on manager, also serves on several boards, inspiring his staff to be involved in their community.  Brad is married and lives in San Diego. 

Brad Orr is a talented leader, sensitive to his clients and staff alike.  His first comment when asked to receive the honor of Alumnus of the Year was, "Will it help the College?"

Alumni like Brad Orr are not merely a help to the college; indeed they are the very goal, exemplifying the mission of the College to equip Christians to continue to society and thereby influence the world.

Brad Orr
 Brad Orr, 2006 Alumnus of the Year

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